Weihai Huadong Ship Repair Co., Ltd
Address:No.299, Haigang Road, Shidao Administrative Zone, WeiHai,Shandong Province, P.R. China

Shidao New Port

Shidao New Port


  Shidao new port locates Shidao district of Rongcheng in easternmost Jiaodong peninsula, facing both Japan and Korea across the sea, position at 122°26′42″E, 36°52′57″N. It's the nearest part to Korea in China. It's 210 nautical mile away from Incheon and Pyongtaek, 428 nautical mile away from Bushan of Korea, 480 nautical mile away from Moji and Hakata of Japan, 180 nautical mile away from Nampo of North Korea,128 nautical mile away from Qingdao,230 nautical mile away from Dandong. It owns regional advantage extremely. It is the vital communication line between south and north on the sea.

  Shandong new port was established in 1999 and became first class open port - Shidao port in August 2001.Shidao new port joint stock Co,ltd have staff of 700, 80% of which are professionals & technical. The total assets are RMB 1000 million. It's the only comprehensive shipping and port logistics company in Rongcheng. Now Shidao new port is already a functional modern port ,built for a collection of guest rolls carriage , container , bulk cargo transportation for frozen goods ,product oil storage and transport and ship repair etc.

  Shidao new port have 4 modern container berths. Berth depth of water is 8-12 meters. It has 6 sets of  30.5 T - 40.5 T container gantry cranes.,6 sets of rubber tired cranes,6 sets of Reach Stacker for Freight Containers,5 sets of forklifts and more than 150 Container trailers.


  It has warehouse for production of 5000 square meters and freight yard of 100000 square meters. The capacity of container gantry cranes is 40.5 tons. The overhanging distance 3.8 meters. The handling volume of single machine is 28 natural containers per hour. The handling volume of single ship is 60 natural containers per hour. Cargoes loaded and unloaded day and night can reach 2800 natural containers.

  Shidao new ports owns 10 berths for bulk cargo loaded. Berth depth of water is 8-12 meters. It has 16 sets of gantry cranes. Cargo handling efficiency is 200 tons/hour per unit. Frozen goods  handling efficiency is 500 tons/hour per unit. There are berths built for product oil in Working areas, designed for the flow of 180 tons per hour. It is mainly engaged in discharge, storage,  process, bonded and transfers for frozen goods, agricultural product, dimension stone, coal, salt, steel products, wood, product oil etc.

  Shidao new port have 2 passenger berths. Passenger facilities are all in readiness. Inward and outward passengers are 230 thousand per year.

  The company has one harbour tug with rudder propeller of 3600 horsepower ,two harbour tugs with rudder propeller of 2600 horsepower, one floating crane of 350 tons and one multi-function environmental protection ship and, which can provide full services at port.  

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